Sunday, November 29, 2015

Zombie City : Police Motorcycle

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Zombie City Police motorcycle

Zombie city chasing dog escape fast racing game, play free.

Zombie City Police motorcycle: Motorcycle cop racing game with realistic sensation of driving physics. The move freely in the streets and avenues of the city. Avoid zombie dog. Beware of zombies hiding in the city. Police realistic mode active by police siren, police scanner and sound effects to enhance the fun, you know.
The race to collect money and health points in the game. Enjoy the adrenaline motorcycle simulator and zombie dogs ..

- Scary Zombie and Sounds.
- Make Drift to know.
- Nitro Nose immediate acceleration.
- Different camera angles.
- Wide Nature Map.
- Multi Control.
- Police Mode.
- Realistic physics motorcycles.

- Check your bike with motion sensor or the touch
- Tap the button to the right of the screen to speed gas.
- Tap the left side of the screen to slow down the brake button.

To experience the real thrill and adrenaline join this adventure just download and play.

Cross-Platform Download Link

Google Play Store
Windows Phone Store
App Store (ios)

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